How to Make Your Carpets Last

From reliable research, carpets get replaced after seven years. These carpet replacements mostly revolve around home remodeling. This is mostly after a home has been sold or after it has been purchased.

The following are five tips on how to care for the carpets in your home so they last as long as possible:

1. Cleanliness
Yes, you will have to leave all the dirt outside. Many people have a culture of leaving their shoes outside. Adopt this good habit and have your carpet looking new for long.

If you cannot leave your shoes outside, then invest in quality door mats. Entry mats reduce the amount of dirt that will find their way in your house dirtying your carpet.

With time and without you realizing it, dirt that accumulates onto your carpet sifts down and eventually grinds your carpets’ fibers.

This causes your carpet to wear out. Surface soil is another thing that makes your carpet look dull even after numerous washing and scrubbing. This is because the fiber surface has been distorted.

2. Vacuum
Of course I cannot over-emphasis the importance of vacuuming your carpet. So you bought the best vacuum cleaner?

That is not enough if you do not put it into frequent use. Ensure that your vacuum cleaner is working properly. The brushes should not be worn out and they need to be tight enough.

You will need to do more than just vacuum up the visible dirt and crumbs. If you have an active family and young kids, you will need to vacuum your carpet at least twice in a week.

3. Rotate your furniture
Squirming feet will eventually have a toll on your carpet. This wears your carpet on a confined area in an un-even manner.

If you have ample space and your room allows it, rotate your furniture regularly. If you can rotate your furniture every six months, do it to prevent premature wearing of your carpet.

4. Clean your carpet professionally
By now you must have noticed that most carpet warranties will require that you clean your carpet professionally every 18-24 months. The same way your car needs maintenance, so does your carpet.

Save your cleaning receipts just in case you need to make a claim under your carpet’s warranty.

There are various ways which you can clean your carpet professionally. Some of the major carpet mills will insist on you cleaning their carpets using a method that uses hot water extraction.

This method is commonly known as steam cleaning. This method is preferred because it removes more soil and other types of spots compared to most cleaning methods.

However, note that if not done correctly, hot water extraction can ruin or harm your carpet. That is why you will need to enlist the use of certified carpet cleaners.

They will use chemicals that are not only safe for your family but also for your carpet. A certified carpet cleaner will ensure that your carpet dries in hours and not days. This is because they remove all the excess water from your carpet.

5. Remove any spot on your carpet
Despite the fact that most carpets come with stain warranties, you will have to remove spills and spots on your carpet. Spots left indefinitely on your carpet can oxidize and form permanent stains on your carpet.

Always remember to gently blot your carpet to remove a spill. This should be obvious since carpet fabric is a delicate fabric.

Apply a minimal spotting solution on your carpet and gently blot it. You may require doing this repeatedly before your carpet is fully cleaned. Ensure that you do not over-wet your carpet.

Follow the above simple steps and save yourself money from premature carpet replacements.




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