Different Types of Carpet Pile

Before we delve into how to keep your carpets clean we though it was important to go over the different types of carpet that you could have in your home so you have a better understanding of what you’re working with.

What is carpet pile?
Simply put, carpet’s pile refers to the density of fibers – shaggy (long) or flat (short pile). It goes hand in hand with pile height, that is the thickness of the carpet measured from its surface to the backing.
Here are the various carpet piles and what they are used for.

Twist Pile Carpets
The most popular carpets found in many homes are the twist pile carpets. These carpets are created from yarn that is twisted tightly together. The fibers contain a rough finish, giving them a textured and rustic appearance. They come in heathered or plain styles. The heathered carpets are less likely to show up marks as they combine yarns of complimentary shades to create a flecked multicolored effect that makes it suitable for heavy-traffic areas.

Loop Pile Carpets
A loop pile carpet is ideal for busy rooms due to its durability. It is made up of heavy and wide uncut loops of yarn that creates a more textural feel and look. It adds style to landings, hallways, and stairs. If you have several children and pets around your home, a loop pile carpet will work well to help cover stains. Although it requires less vacuuming, the loops might be snagged by claws of your pets.

Saxony Pile Carpets
If you need a carpet that is dense and luxurious, then this is the best choice. Saxony pile carpets have similar characteristics as the shag pile. However, with this one; the pile is a bit longer, flattens more efficiently, and can show footprints. Therefore, it is not ideal for busy areas that will expose them to quick wear and tear such as stairs, main rooms, and hallways. However, if you just want to wake up every morning and sink your bare feet into a thick pile, the Saxony got you covered on that!

Velvet Pile Carpets
As the name suggests, velvet carpets are smooth and soft when touched and have a well-designed cut pile finishing. They are straight with cut ends at the top, which create an excellent velvet surface. Since they are luxurious and soft to touch, they look great in various rooms, more so formal rooms, and bedrooms.

Natural Carpets
People from all walks of life are increasingly considering natural fiber carpets to decrease the impact on the environment. Materials like Jute, wool, Sisal, Seagrass, and Coir are durable and stylish. However, some fibers have little resistance to stains. So, it is recommended to pick an ideal color for areas that are heavily used.




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